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We at Posteno Consultants also offer wide and extensive Training & Development program designed as per the client needs. We understand the seriousness of the part an employee plays in the development of company’s growth, hence our training modules cover the major aspects in terms of employee efficiency is concerned.

Training and Development is vital part of the human resource development, it is assumed to be an ever important role in wake of the advancement of technology and organisation development which has resulted in ever increasing competition, rise in expectations of quality and services. It is one of the essential factors for the growth of the organization in terms of efficiency and productivity of the employee(s).

We at Posteno have inculcated the process of identify the area of development and training essentials as per the clients need in the organization and create modules to overcome those area of improvement to strategies an employee efficiency.

Our Best services also include, providing professional inbound and outbound training to your corporate workforce. Our development process encourages the candidates to grow and learn in HR companies order to ace at their performance. After training needs are identified, our team recommends the ideal development programs for the employees in the firm. Besides leadership and management development program, we offer customized programs pertaining to sales, customer relationship management, soft skills, etc. PAN India. HR Audit A Human Resource audit analyses your organization's talent management system and provides solutions to overcome the challenges associated with it. It ensures that your organization follows the stipulated rules and regulations. HR audit is instrumental in reducing risk and liabilities, addressing the shortcomings, determining your strengths and working on the weakness. HR Policy Manual Designing The human resource policy manual is a guideline for your employees. It is the base on which they are going to conduct themselves in your organization. A company's HR policy manual should be strong and project the company ethos. Our management consulting services include HR policy manual designing which will convey your organization's ethics and expectations to your employees.